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A set of risk visibility services enabling companies to understand their cyber risk and compliance posture in real time and enforce agile threat prevention. These services include monitoring, compliance management & escalation, risk scoring and risk awareness.

Following services are provided:

  • Monitoring services
  • Compliance Management and Escalations
  • Risk Scoring
  • Risk Awareness and Agile Threat prevention

Governed Effectiveness

Providing Continuous Governance through Visibility of Cyber Risk posture for ensuring organization effectiveness of the Cyber Risk program.

An Integrated Risk platform based approach providing constant visibility of actionable risk intelligence and measure of adherence to regulatory controls and security best practices. Continuously combining and analyzing integrated patterns and types of anomalous activity and situational threats to and from systems across the environment ensures reduction in false positives and incident detection times.

Integrated, Closed-loop, Call to Action solution, enforces Agile Threat Prevention, Risk Awareness and Cyber Risk Governance across the enterprise.

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