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A comprehensive service that combines security technology implementation and technology lifecycle administration to protect business innovation and classified assets. The Secured service give companies access to industry leading identity and access management solutions from global providers like Oracle and a catalogue of security technologies necessary to mitigate risks across the enterprise. These include multifactor authentication, role management, infrastructure, application and data security tools.

Following services are provided:

  • Security Architecture and Implementation
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Application and Data Security

Identity and Access Management

As Growing Organizations inherently need to continuously improving systems to manage the user access to systems within and across partner domains. Also increasingly complex is the management of the employee life cycles through automated organizational processes as the rapid changes in business environment make it increasingly difficult to adopt and implement a solution. TechDemocracy’s Secured Service line can help overcome these problems with its experience in delivering process-oriented implementations of identity management solutions by providing the following:

  • Leveraging leading security products like Oracle, CA etc to help you automate user life cycle process
  • Fully integrate lifecycle administration features
  • Provide audit and compliance
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Role Management
  • Fine-grained Entitlement Management

Secured Assets

Security Solutions (Information, Enterprise or Cyber) enabling enterprise business units in their pursuit of innovative business models (IoT, Digital, Cloud, Mobility) in a timely, secure and compliant manner.

Design, implement and support Cyber Security Technology Solutions protecting critical business assets and infrastructure against known and emerging threats.

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