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TechDemocracy provides a range of services that enable companies to achieve their cyber risk governance goals across the four dimensions of the framework

Informed, Secured, Governed and Resilient

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An Integrated Framework and Consulting Services Enabling Transformation to a Cyber Risk Assurance Program

TechDemocracy offers a total solution, including a full spectrum of consulting and managed services to help organizations implement and use our Intellicta platform, and operationalize a quantitative/qualitative risk assurance management program.

Options range from basic on-boarding for assessment of the Intellicta platform, including installation, integration and customization, through a fully managed service operated from a Risk Assurance Center staffed by TechDemocracy’s consulting team of cyber risk specialists, either on-premise or cloud-based.

The foundation of both Intellicta and the Risk Assurance Center is our proprietary Cyber Risk Governance Framework, an ITSEC solution-agnostic operating methodology.

The framework aligns business and information security requirements with cyber risk governance across four dimensions —Informed, Secured, Governed and Resilient—as presented in the chart below.


Desired Outcomes in the Four Core Functional COE Areas

The framework aligns business and information security requirements with cyber risk governance across four dimensions —Informed, Secured, Governed and Resilient—as presented in the chart below.



A strategic advisory service that helps companies to assess cyber risk strategy and align it to ongoing business needs to maximize technology investments. The service also gives companies access to risk visibility, compliance adherence and predictive analytics capabilities.


A comprehensive service that combines security technology implementation and technology lifecycle administration to protect business innovation and classified assets. The Secured Service give companies access to industry leading identity and access management solutions from global providers like Oracle and a catalogue of security technologies necessary to mitigate risks across the enterprise. These include multifactor authentication, role management, infrastructure, application and data security tools.


A set of risk visibility services enabling companies to understand their cyber risk and compliance posture in real time and enforce agile threat prevention. These services include monitoring, compliance management & escalation, risk scoring and risk awareness.


A suite of services to properly test and prepare the business for cyber-attack readiness, response and restoration, encompassing network security and vulnerability scans, application security testing, attack and penetration testing and forensics and readiness evaluations.

Mapping the IT Infrastructure Domains to the Four Cyber Risk Framework Dimensions


Risk Assurance Center

As part of the Intellicta platform, TechDemocracy provides a Risk Assurance Center offered to companies as a managed service. The center, staffed by senior security assurance analysts, manages compliance, risk, security and governance situational awareness activities on the Intellicta platform and acts as an extension of a company’s security team.

Mapping the IT Security Services to the Cyber Risk Governance Framework

The Cyber Risk Governance framework aligns information coming from existing security solutions and the entire IT infrastructure with industry standards and best practices, and company-specific security policies and workflows.

This normalization framework is the foundation of Intellicta and the TechDemocracy Risk Assurance Center, and is essential for achieving the desired outcomes—continuously evaluating, scoring and advancing the actual cyber risk assurance situation compared to best practices, standards and the risks threatening the enterprise.


The Cyber Risk Governance Framework organizes the six IT infrastructure domains and the 24 services/ITSEC solutions required for overall cybersecurity into the four dimensions of Informed, Secured, Governed and Resilient, as presented in these charts.

Business aligned and customizable, TechDemocracy’s framework balances business innovation, data privacy and cyber security compliance requirements through a cyber risk services model that makes best use of current and future cyber security investments.


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