Redefining Cyber Risk Governance

We provide global cyber risk assurance services and solutions, and have created Intellicta, which delivers a continuous, holistic assessment of your organization’s cybersecurity risk, compliance and governance condition.Webinar on emerging trends in Identity and Access Management space →


TechDemocracy Recognized in Gartner’s Inaugural "Critical Capabilities for IT Risk Management (ITRM) Solutions" report

In its first year of introducing Intellicta – a cyber risk and governance management platform, TechDemocracy has been identified as one of only 18 companies qualifying and meeting Gartner’s ITRM Critical Capabilities, as listed in Gartner’s inaugural “Critical Capabilities for IT Risk Management (ITRM) Solutions” report.

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TechDemocracy is tackling one of the biggest issues confronting medium and large enterprises, how to measure cyber risk in a standard way. Businesses understand many risks—such as operational, credit market, currency exchange rates, financial and reputational risks—and have developed a standardized way to measure and talk about them. TechDemocracy has developed a framework for Cyber Risk Governance, as well as a platform "Intellicta" to manage it.

The Intellicta Platform

The First to Deliver Enterprises a Holistic Assessment of their Cybersecurity, Compliance, Risk and Governance Situation.
  • A platform that makes it possible for senior, non-technical business decision makers to understand, evaluate and measure in-depth the effectiveness of their existing cybersecurity, governance, risk, and compliance programs
  • Customized to meet a company's unique business requirements
  • Obtain answers with quantifiable metrics based on established models from ISM3, NIST and ISO, among others
  • Seamlessly integrate existing IT infrastructure and IT security systems and extract critical data from cloud-based, on-premise and third-party systems
  • Pinpoint gaps and inefficiencies, prioritize risk investments and continually track progress
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    A platform that activates a cyber risk governance framework

    The Cyber Risk Governance Framework organizes the 24 elements potentially present in the overall cybersecurity situation into these four dimensions, and measures cyber risk protection and assurance across the six infrastructure domains below.

    • Informed
    • Secured
    • Governed
    • Resilient
    • Informed

      A strategic advisory service that helps companies to assess cyber risk strategy and align it to ongoing business needs to maximize technology investments. The service also gives companies access to risk visibility, compliance adherence and predictive analytics capabilities.

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    • Secured

      A comprehensive service that combines security technology implementation and technology lifecycle administration to protect business innovation and classified assets. The Secured service give companies access to industry leading identity and access management solutions from global providers like Oracle and a catalogue of security technologies necessary to mitigate risks across the enterprise. These include multifactor authentication, role management, infrastructure, application and data security tools.

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    • Governed

      A set of risk visibility services enabling companies to understand their cyber risk and compliance posture in real time and enforce agile threat prevention. These services include monitoring, compliance management & escalation, risk scoring and risk awareness.

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    • Resilent

      A suite of services to properly test and prepare the business for cyber-attack readiness, response and restoration, encompassing network security and vulnerability scans, application security testing, attack and penetration testing and forensics and readiness evaluations.

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