How to Enhance Identity Security with IAM Solutions

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    Identity Security Solutions by TechDemocracy

    From Advisory Consulting to Managed Services, we ensure effective strategy development and continuous security support.

    Unlocking Success: What Our Clients Say

    TechDemocracy's guidance and Ping Identity's advanced IAM platform were a game-changer. Our user experience improved drastically, along with substantial cost savings due to minimized maintenance expenses.

    -   IT Manager, Leading Financial Services Firm, Canada

    TechDemocracy, in collaboration with SailPoint, revolutionized our retail enterprise. The IGA implementation elevated security, streamlined access, and ensured operational efficiency. Their expertise positioned us for growth, showcasing a commitment to excellence in identity security.

    -   CISO, Largest Online Retail Enterprise, USA

    TechDemocracy's SOC services transformed our security landscape. Their expertise and proactive approach ensured real-time threat detection, rapid incident response, and compliance adherence. The partnership fortified our cybersecurity posture, providing a robust defense against evolving threats.

    -   Cybersecurity Officer, Largest Government Entity, India

    TechDemocracy's expertise in healthcare identity management was instrumental in our transition from a burdensome legacy system to SailPoint. Their seamless migration and integration with critical healthcare platforms like Epic Systems showcased their commitment to improving our security and operational efficiency.

    -   Senior Director, IAM, One of the Largest Healthcare Organization in the Midwest, USA

    With the help of TechDemocracy, we replaced the legacy Access Governance system and established a contemporary CIAM platform utilizing OAuth and OIDC protocols for user authentication and SSO across both web and mobile applications within a remarkable 12-month timeframe.

    -   IT Security Manager, Healthcare Sector, USA

    The TechDemocracy Advantage

    We are a boutique cybersecurity company that’s been in the business for more than two decades. Our philosophy is to work with a cohort of businesses where we can roll up our sleeves and deliver them the security, safety and seamless deployment within their budget and timelines.

    Skilled Resources

    Skilled Resources

    Our team’s expertise ensures a seamless transition from planning to execution, with ready-to-go, experienced consultants available to kickstart their engagement from Day 0

    Industry Experience

    Industry Experience

    Over 200 successful Identity Security & Cybersecurity engagements. We’ve developed vertical-specific processes and solution frameworks to deliver tailored solutions

    Center of Excellence (CoE)

    Center of Excellence (CoE)

    A dedicated team of SMEs to ensure thought leadership, provide technology expertise guidance, and offer frameworks to expedite deployment cycles, improving project timelines.



    Industry-proven training methodology for transferring Identity Security functional and technical knowledge. Includes a dedicated Identity Security Training Lab



    Innovation is in our DNA. We boast a robust product line used to develop utilities & accelerators, aiding clients in their Identity Journey, implementation and support

    Alliance & Partnership

    Alliance & Partnership

    Reseller and services partnerships with leading Identity product vendors in the USA, Canada, and India. Our strategic collaborations offer unparalleled access to cutting-edge solutions

    Our Solutions in Identity Security

    Our solutions serve as the bedrock of a resilient Digital Identity Ecosystem, ensuring that businesses can navigate the complexities of Identity Management with confidence and precision.

    Identity Governance & Administration

    TechDemocracy's Identity Governance optimizes security by efficiently handling user access and rights.

    Customer Identity & Access Management

    Trust TechDemocracy's CIAM for robust protection and management of customer identities.

    Privileged Access Management

    Elevate security layers with TechDemocracy's Privileged Access Management for critical accounts.

    Access Management

    TechDemocracy's Access Management offers precise and efficient user access control.

    Our Utilities & Accelerators

    Delivering Security Solutions has never been this easy.



    For IGA platforms such as SailPoint, it allows numerous applications to quickly onboard. Automated onboarding of applications helps alleviate challenges.



    For Saviynt, this accelerator allows quick and error-free reconciliation of application accounts and access to Saviynt.

    Legacy IDM to IGA Migration

    Legacy IDM to IGA Migration

    Modernizing IGA solution with an open-source identity governance platform empowers enterprises to create an identity-enabled organization using data, applications, and devices.

    Take Your Identity Strategy to the Next Level

    Strengthen your organization's digital identity for a secure and worry-free tomorrow. Kickstart the journey with a complimentary consultation to explore personalized solutions.

    About Us

    TechDemocracy is a boutique cybersecurity firm with over two decades of experience, focusing on fully managing identity security solutions that integrate and operate the entire identity lifecycle under one umbrella. We believe in bringing together market-leading technology, proven process, and certified identity specialists you need to implement and operate digital identity across your entire organization within your timelines and budget

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    Take Your Identity Strategy to the Next Level

    Strengthen your organization's digital identity for a secure and worry-free tomorrow. Kickstart the journey with a complimentary consultation to explore personalized solutions.