How to Enhance Identity Security with IAM Solutions

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    Winning Strategies for CIAM

    Jun 26, 2024 | 2:00 PM

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    Delivering Seamless User Experiences with Optimized Security Measures


    Whether you missed or attended Identiverse in Vegas from May 28-31, you're invited to join our engaging discussion. Industry leaders and experts will share winning strategies and the latest advancements for ensuring robust identity management in the future.

    Our inaugural panel discussion, "Delivering Seamless User Experiences with Optimized Security Measures," will explore achieving the ideal balance between personalization and security to build customer trust and enhance conversion rates.

    This discussion offers IT professionals, security experts, and business leaders invaluable insights and practical examples to keep you at the forefront of the constantly evolving identity management landscape.

    Key Discussion Points

    • Enhancing Digital User Experiences

    • Strengthening Security Measures

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    Todd P Rossin
    CEO & Chief Strategy Officer - TechDemocracy
    Martijn Loderus
    CIAM Regional Sales Director - Thales