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    Welcome Tony Nawrocki: Our New VP of Identity Services

    Tony Nawrocki has joined TechDemocracy as Vice President of Identity Services, bringing 28 years of expertise to enhance the company's IAM and cybersecurity solutions.

    Published on May 20, 2024


    We are thrilled to announce a significant addition to our leadership team here at TechDemocracy. As of May 6, 2024, Tony Nawrocki joined us as Vice President - Identity Services. 

    With a career spanning over 28 years in the technology sector, Tony brings unparalleled expertise in building and managing elite delivery teams. His deep-rooted experience in Identity and Access Management (IAM) makes him a pivotal asset to our mission of providing top-notch cybersecurity solutions.

    A Vision Aligned with Excellence

    Tony Nawrocki’s dedication to excellence and a customer-first mindset seamlessly align with our core values at TechDemocracy. "Welcoming Mr. Nawrocki to TechDemocracy is a moment of great excitement for us" stated Sri Patibandla, CEO, and Todd Rossin, Co-CEO. "Tony’s unwavering commitment to excellence and his customer-focused approach are perfectly in sync with our core values. Under his leadership, we are confident in our capability to provide bespoke Identity Security solutions that empower businesses worldwide."

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