Enhancing Security: The Integral Role of AI and Machine Learning in Identity Threat Detection

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    Identity Security Managed Services

    Beyond support, we ensure your Identity security ecosystem stays agile for your evolving digital business needs.

    We provide Managed Services

    We understand that managing your identity security goes beyond mere support – it`s about ensuring agility and adaptability to meet your evolving digital business needs.

    End-to-End Support:

    Benefit from comprehensive support across key Identity Security domains.

    Seamless Transformation:

    Achieve transformation seamlessly, from system onboarding to reengineering.

    Continuous Improvement:

    Receive continuous improvement insights for ongoing optimization.

    Why choose TechDemocracy for Managing Your SOC?

    While many offer managed services, TechDemocracy takes pride in providing more than just support. Our managed services go beyond maintaining status quo; they ensure continuous improvement. From onboarding to reengineering, we manage your Identity Security environment with an unwavering focus on tailored outcomes, zero downtime, and ongoing optimization.

    We’re experts at building successful Identity Security Programs

    Our Identity and Access Management consultants at TechDemocracy possess deep insights into specialized Identity and Access Management solutions, helping our clients establish robust, responsive, and reliable systems and networks.

    Our experts guide you with clear and timely support, helping align technology initiatives with your business goals

    10 Million +

    User identities managed since inception


    Active Engagements in Identity Security


    Successful IDM, Cybersecurity Implementations


    Years of Experience in Cybersecurity


    Optimization of Cost using Accelerators and Utilities

    Why is TechDemocracy the right partner fit?

    Looking for Experts?

    Rely on our proven industry experience of 20+ years for a successful implementation.

    Worried about Future Scalability?

    We future-proof your systems for seamless scalability, ensuring your identity security solutions grow effortlessly with your evolving business needs, guaranteeing long-term success.

    Desiring Flexible Delivery Models?

    Our adaptive approach ensures the right fit for your project requirements, providing flexibility and efficiency.

    Want Strategic Collaboration?

    Benefit from our collaborations with leading vendors.

    Looking for flexibility in Project Scaling?

    We understand the dynamic nature of projects. Our flexible approach allows seamless scaling, ensuring your identity security initiatives align perfectly with your evolving business requirements. Whether you're expanding rapidly or adjusting to changing circumstances, our solutions adapt to meet your unique needs with ease

    Concerned about Deployment Speed?

    Recognizing the need for swift action, our streamlined processes and experienced team ensure not just speed but also efficiency in deploying robust identity security solutions. With a focus on precision, we accelerate the implementation timeline without compromising on the quality of our solutions.

    Unlocking Success: What Our Clients Say

    TechDemocracy's guidance and Ping Identity's advanced IAM platform were a game-changer. Our user experience improved drastically, along with substantial cost savings due to minimized maintenance expenses.

    -   IT Manager, Leading Financial Services Firm, Canada

    TechDemocracy, in collaboration with SailPoint, revolutionized our retail enterprise. The IGA implementation elevated security, streamlined access, and ensured operational efficiency. Their expertise positioned us for growth, showcasing a commitment to excellence in identity security.

    -   CISO, Largest Online Retail Enterprise, USA

    TechDemocracy's SOC services transformed our security landscape. Their expertise and proactive approach ensured real-time threat detection, rapid incident response, and compliance adherence. The partnership fortified our cybersecurity posture, providing a robust defense against evolving threats.

    -   Cybersecurity Officer, Largest Government Entity, India

    TechDemocracy's expertise in healthcare identity management was instrumental in our transition from a burdensome legacy system to SailPoint. Their seamless migration and integration with critical healthcare platforms like Epic Systems showcased their commitment to improving our security and operational efficiency.

    -   Senior Director, IAM, One of the Largest Healthcare Organization in the Midwest, USA

    With the help of TechDemocracy, we replaced the legacy Access Governance system and established a contemporary CIAM platform utilizing OAuth and OIDC protocols for user authentication and SSO across both web and mobile applications within a remarkable 12-month timeframe.

    -   IT Security Manager, Healthcare Sector, USA

    Take Your Identity Strategy to the Next Level

    Strengthen your organization's digital identity for a secure and worry-free tomorrow. Kickstart the journey with a complimentary consultation to explore personalized solutions.

    Our Utilities & Accelerators

    Delivering Security Solutions has never been this easy.



    For IGA platforms such as SailPoint, it allows numerous applications to quickly onboard. Automated onboarding of applications helps alleviate challenges.



    For Saviynt, this accelerator allows quick and error-free reconciliation of application accounts and access to Saviynt.

    Legacy IDM to IGA Migration

    Legacy IDM to IGA Migration

    Modernizing IGA solution with an open-source identity governance platform empowers enterprises to create an identity-enabled organization using data, applications, and devices.


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