Enhancing Security: The Integral Role of AI and Machine Learning in Identity Threat Detection

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    Operations Center

    An essential to secure digital business

    The Cybersecurity Operations Center protects IT, OT/ICT infrastructure from cyber attacks, ensuring resilience through situational awareness, real-time alerting, swift incident response, and decisive remediation.

    SOC Service Models

    • Fully Managed SOC-as-a-Service
    • Hybrid/Co-Managed SOC-as-a-Service
    • Customized SOC Service

    Challenges in Cyber SOC

    Manage SOC grapples with technological challenges such as disconnected tools and outdated detection, processes lagging behind an evolving threat landscape, and people-related issues like staffing shortages and struggles to keep pace with automation-driven attackers.

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    Disconnected tools; lack of automation and integration. Attackers are increasingly "living off the land" and employing techniques that avoid triggering individual security defenses. Security analysts face workflow complexity as they investigate multiple tools and grapple with challenges in determining priority and remediation steps. This leads to the development of playbooks and delayed response. The issue of outdated detection persists, with attackers successfully bypassing defenses due to noisy, outdated, and ineffective detection mechanisms.

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    Dynamic Threat Landscape; our constant vigilance is essential as cybercriminals adeptly breach organizations globally. Streamlined Processes; we recognize the need for agile processes that keep pace with evolving environments. Outdated Detection Measures; to bolster our defenses, we employ cutting-edge detection methods, leaving no room for noisy or ineffective mechanisms.

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    Staffing, Skill and knowledge shortage – Knowledge shortage is closely related to skills shortage. Even those well versed in working all the systems management tools can fail if they know too little about the systems environment being protected. It can be a struggle to keep up as attackers use automation to overwhelm defenders that have difficulty evaluating many fast-moving parts at once.


    TechDemocracy has expertise and certified experience in various tools:

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    Managed Soc

    Why choose TechDemocracy for Managing Your SOC?

    TechDemocracy stands out as the optimal solution for SOC management, offering unparalleled effectiveness with integrated, automated solutions that address technological challenges, enhance process efficiency, and bridge expertise gaps, ensuring robust cybersecurity.

    Our solutions and portfolio

    Experience a holistic cybersecurity approach with TechDemocracy's Managed SOC featuring aiXDR, integrating user identity, threat intelligence, and vulnerability assessment. Rely on us to create threat profiles, generate indicators, and provide automated remediation paths for robust cyber defense.

    Managed SOC with aiXDR

    Managed SOC with aiXDR

    (SIEM+SOAR+UEBA+NBAD/NTA+TI+IDS/IPS+ML+AI+VA+EDR: Comprehensive Cybersecurity for Digital-Era) is a holistic cybersecurity approach that considers user identity, threat intelligence, and vulnerability assessment to create threat profiles, generate threat indicators, raise critical alerts, and provide automated or triaged remediation paths.

    Managed SOC with aiSIEM

    Managed SOC with aiSIEM

    With our AI and ML-powered solutions, the (SIEM+SOAR+UEBA+NBAD/NTA+TI+IDS/IPS+ML+AI: Comprehensive Cybersecurity for Digital-Era) aiSIEM platform enhances and automates security services. It provides continuous coverage by gathering telemetry from networks, endpoints, logs, identity management, clouds, and apps.

    Cyber Advisory Services

    Cyber Advisory Services

    We offer comprehensive security risk support to facilitate business growth. By thoroughly understanding your company's goals, we provide strategic counsel and employ a "secure by design" methodology. Leveraging our knowledge and experience, we assist clients in developing and implementing their security initiatives effectively and adaptably.

    Integrated Threat Management (Common Threat Intelligence + Threat Hunting)

    Integrated Threat Management (Common Threat Intelligence + Threat Hunting)

    Within an enterprise IT architecture, ITM serves as a security strategy that consolidates numerous security elements into a unified platform or application. ITM evolved as a defense mechanism in response to the increasing skill and frequency of attacks by hackers and other intruders on systems. These solutions within ITM effectively manage a range of assaults, including spam and malware.

    Take Your Identity Strategy to the Next Level

    Strengthen your organization's digital identity for a secure and worry-free tomorrow. Kickstart the journey with a complimentary consultation to explore personalized solutions.

    Our Utilities & Accelerators

    Delivering Security Solutions has never been this easy.



    For IGA platforms such as SailPoint, it allows numerous applications to quickly onboard. Automated onboarding of applications helps alleviate challenges.



    For Saviynt, this accelerator allows quick and error-free reconciliation of application accounts and access to Saviynt.

    Legacy IDM to IGA Migration

    Legacy IDM to IGA Migration

    Modernizing IGA solution with an open-source identity governance platform empowers enterprises to create an identity-enabled organization using data, applications, and devices.


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