Enhancing Security: The Integral Role of AI and Machine Learning in Identity Threat Detection

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    Unlocking Secure Access:
    Customer Identity & Access Management

    Automate compliance and protect your enterprise against threats.

    TechDemocracy's Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solutions are crafted with a profound understanding that identities are not just data points but pivotal elements of trust-building in the digital realm.

    Key Customer Identity & Access Management challenges

    • Seamless Onboarding Complexity
    • Identity Proofing Enhancement
    • Behavior Analytics Integration

    Why is CIAM Important?

    Beyond the conventional realms of identity management, our CIAM elevates trust, offering secure SSO experiences, centralized access management, and robust multi-factor authentication, ensuring a secure and seamless user journey.

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    Frictionless Registration

    Craft seamless and secure user onboarding experiences, minimizing friction, and maximizing security.

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    Secure SSO Experiences

    Elevate trust with centralized access and robust authentication, ensuring a secure and user-friendly Single Sign-On process.

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    Valuable Insights

    Gain invaluable insights into user behavior through sophisticated analytics, enhancing your understanding of customer interactions.

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    Personalized User Experiences

    Tailor interactions based on behavioral analytics, creating personalized and engaging experiences that foster customer loyalty.


    TechDemocracy has expertise and certified experience in various tools:

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    Customer Identity & Access Management

    Why choose TechDemocracy for CIAM?

    At TechDemocracy, we recognize that organizations seeking CIAM solutions are not just looking for a way to manage user identities—they are on a quest for a solution that transforms user registration into a frictionless experience, fortifies identity proofing processes, and harnesses the power of user behavior analytics for personalized interactions.

    CIAM features and capabilities

    User Registration

    User Registration

    Efficient user registration in Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) ensures seamless onboarding, prioritizing security and user experience.

    Identity Proofing

    Identity Proofing

    In CIAM, identity proofing ensures robust user authentication, bolstering security measures and fostering trust in digital interactions.

    SSO (Single Sign On)

    SSO (Single Sign On)

    CIAM's SSO streamlines user access, offering a secure and seamless experience by allowing authentication across multiple services with a single login.

    Single Portal Access

    Single Portal Access

    Streamline user experience with CIAM's single portal, granting access to all applications for a unified and efficient interaction.

    MFA (Multi factor Authentication)

    MFA (Multi factor Authentication)

    In CIAM, MFA adds an extra layer of security by requiring users to provide multiple authentication factors, ensuring robust protection and access control.

    Preference Management

    Preference Management

    In CIAM, preference management empowers users to customize their settings, fostering personalized and user-centric experiences for enhanced satisfaction and engagement.

    Take Your Identity Strategy to the Next Level

    Strengthen your organization's digital identity for a secure and worry-free tomorrow. Kickstart the journey with a complimentary consultation to explore personalized solutions.

    Our Utilities & Accelerators

    Delivering Security Solutions has never been this easy.



    For IGA platforms such as SailPoint, it allows numerous applications to quickly onboard. Automated onboarding of applications helps alleviate challenges.



    For Saviynt, this accelerator allows quick and error-free reconciliation of application accounts and access to Saviynt.

    Legacy IDM to IGA Migration

    Legacy IDM to IGA Migration

    Modernizing IGA solution with an open-source identity governance platform empowers enterprises to create an identity-enabled organization using data, applications, and devices.


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