Enhancing Security: The Integral Role of AI and Machine Learning in Identity Threat Detection

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    Unlocking Secure Access:
    Privileged Access Management

    Automate compliance and protect your enterprise against threats.

    TechDemocracy's Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions are meticulously designed to not only secure critical assets but to redefine how organizations perceive and manage privileged access.

    Key Privileged Access Management challenges

    • Balancing Privilege and Efficiency
    • Session Visibility Enhancement
    • Endpoint Protection Optimization

    Why is PAM Important?

    Our PAM solution transcends traditional privilege management by ensuring just-in-time access, robust session recording, and efficient endpoint protection. This approach provides a proactive defense against potential security risks.

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    Just-in-Time Access

    Mitigate risks with precisely-timed privileged access, ensuring that access is granted only when needed.

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    Comprehensive Session Management

    Record and manage sessions efficiently, enhancing visibility and accountability.

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    Efficient Least Privilege

    Redefine access by enforcing least privilege measures, minimizing potential attack surfaces.

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    Proactive Security Measures

    Anticipate and address potential security risks before they escalate, ensuring a proactive defense strategy.


    TechDemocracy has expertise and certified experience in various tools:

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    Privileged Access Management

    Why choose TechDemocracy for PAM?

    Enterprises seeking PAM solutions are not merely looking for a tool to manage privileged credentials; they crave a partner that understands the nuances of least privilege, session management, and the intricate dance between securing critical data and maintaining operational efficiency, that’s where we step in.

    PAM features and capabilities

    Credential Vaulting & Password Management (Just in-Time)

    Credential Vaulting & Password Management (Just in-Time)

    PAM ensures security with credential vaulting and just-in-time password management, minimizing exposure and enhancing privileged access controls effectively.

    Session Recording & Management

    Session Recording & Management

    PAM's session recording and management tracks and monitors privileged user activities, enhancing security, compliance, and, incident response capabilities.

    Least Privilege and End Point Protection

    Least Privilege and End Point Protection

    Least privilege and end point protection in PAM bolsters security by limiting access and fortifying end points against potential threats, effectively.

    Secret Management

    Secret Management

    PAM's secret management safeguards sensitive information, ensuring secure storage, controlled access, and compliance with robust security protocols.

    Application Privileged Account Management (APAM)

    Application Privileged Account Management (APAM)

    APAM secures and manages privileged accounts tied to applications, thwarting unauthorized access and ensuring adherence to security policies effectively.

    Take Your Identity Strategy to the Next Level

    Strengthen your organization's digital identity for a secure and worry-free tomorrow. Kickstart the journey with a complimentary consultation to explore personalized solutions.

    Our Utilities & Accelerators

    Delivering Security Solutions has never been this easy.



    For IGA platforms such as SailPoint, it allows numerous applications to quickly onboard. Automated onboarding of applications helps alleviate challenges.



    For Saviynt, this accelerator allows quick and error-free reconciliation of application accounts and access to Saviynt.

    Legacy IDM to IGA Migration

    Legacy IDM to IGA Migration

    Modernizing IGA solution with an open-source identity governance platform empowers enterprises to create an identity-enabled organization using data, applications, and devices.


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